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How does STOP WEEVIL work?

The Stop Weevil trap is used together with a pheromone attractant specific to the species to be eliminated (not supplied). The pheromone is placed in the basket provided for this purpose in the trap.

Insects are drawn into the trap by the pheromone. Its articulated ramps facilitate the entry and ascent of the weevil, which then falls inside the trap. The walls of the trap stay clean thanks to the design of its dome, preventing the adult weevils from escaping.

There are several pheromones from various brands in multiple formats (pills, sachets and bottles), available on the market. The Stop Weevil trap can be used with any of them. Pheromones are effective for a period of time that varies depending on the format used. On average it is effective for around three months, depending of the commercial brand.


Each STOP WEEVIL unit contains:

  • 1 Central unit with ramps
  • 1 Specimen container
  • 1 Basket for pheromones
  • 1 Protection lid
  • 1 Instruction manual